Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Hey people I am uploading some images of other art woks that I have worked on recently.

If anyone wants information regarding the themes and thoughts about the visual displays then please feel free to ask me about them!

"Preperation"- female memorobillia,lining paper, light - SHOW#1-2007

This was a show I curated as part of New Arts North West, an artist led initiative of currently 10 members who aim to show diverse and contemporary artworks wherever possible.

This SHOW#1, was the opening event for the group where local galleries from preston and manchester came to view the work and gained press coverage for providing an alternative venue for arts.
This show led to 'ART ON BUSES' a collaberation with Stagecoach where contemporary art was installed and mobile on designated bus routes travelling through Preston and further a field.

"Push my Button"- Art on Buses-2007
This then led to being part of ABC Festival in Preston.

The work was titled 'New Directions' and was in collaberation with Bluestreak Arts. A gain another curating opportunity for myself where I gained coverage for my efforts and it was yet another example that contemporary gallery art can be presented in challenging ways.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

yet more genius lol

"eithier that face is on medication, or theres no hope"

"I do believe in fairies, i do believe in fairies"

A scene from garth gratrix at work:-

Phone rings, bring bring!

Garth " Hello ......Garth speaking how can i help you?"
Caller " Can i speak to her majesty please?"
Garth " And which queen are you refering to please?"


Hello...i am in the process of typing arts proposals for upcoming exhibitions etc etc which bores me when presented with 5 booklets of paper work and arts council applications blah blah blah (although necessary)
So i am just saying hello to whoever is out there. If somebody from a prestigious gallery is reading then hello and wink wink lol.

Take care people

G -X-

Friday, 14 March 2008


Hello, here is some background works by yours truly,
for those of you who have not seen or heard of me before!

There once was a boy called Garth who was training to be a Nurse, he went down to the land of university and met a man who spoke of bedpans. Garth was horrified by such conversations and thought "Fuck that 'shit', im gonna be a gay northern artist instead" !

Art has always been forever my joy and creative output in most situations i face so i decided to erase the family peers of having a "job that pays a salary" and make art pay for me! (although currently i am paying for my art!....that old stereotype of being a struggling starving artist is not to far removed from reality lol. Although i am rather successful in my local areas currently so i cant complain too much. I think as long as you are incorporating something that makes a smile on your face as part of your everyday then run with it and dont feel you have to ignore it because its not worhtwhile or serious enough!

Now i shall finish the pep talk for today and reel off some more images of my work for you all to enjoy and learn more about my diverse ways of working!

Take care

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

here is the link to my friends blogspot about me lol

"Dont envy me, my kinda lifes not for everybody"

go here


Hello everybody sorry i have been absent for a wee while, i have been getting another comission under my belt. It is for a mental health facility in Preston and i am creating very differnent works to what i usually create so it has been a fun experience. I shall post visuals of the work in due course so feel free to have a look through and comment on the differences between the commercial works and the gallery works for me ...Thanx

A friend has decided to set up a blogspot called quotes by garth so have a look at that too. Some people seem to think im funny sometimes and i have things to say!
Take Care

G -x-

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Harris Museum & Art Gallery


Here is my art exhibition Titled "The Simplicities of my Complexities"-2008

The work is cuurently showing at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston until March 1st



January 4th 2008 - March 2008

"The Simplicities of My Complexities"-2008 is an installation giving birth to a new departure alongside promoting existing video work titled
"Superstar Thruster"-2006.

The show explores language and behaviour through audience participation. This occurs by collecting and collating human responses to an individual character by asking them to state a single word that best describes that person. That person is me!
This will take place between 3 genres of people who are linked to the individual character:-

· Family
· Friends and aquintances
· The Stranger

The formalities of this public and private experiment will be represented within the installation being created specifically for the Harris Museum & Art Gallery.
It will take shape in the form of a large scale installation dominating the entrance of Harris, utilising not the wall space as traditionally expected but the floor, eye levels and up into the air of the vast ceiling heights availabe.


Like the shape and/or task of a juggler trying to keep momentum and sustain the tools of his trade, it is the same difficulties we are faced with in everyday living, yet we treat it with less humour and place the term 'chore' onto the act as apposed to leisure or perhaps joy. The tools of my trade are taken from life experience or upbringing and hold reference to memories that are not just past, but present and future. Invoking thought, repression, laughter, struggle, freedom, distain, adoration, discomfort and approachability.

"Superstar Thruster" explores the entrapment of such thoughts and environments whilst also showing a humorous method to tackle or perhaps re-think our behavioural stigmas. It also introduces an alter ego to the person who has just been categoriesed by family, friends and strangers previously. Challenging their judgments and making them aware that forsight can come during not just after. It also shows that there are more ways than one to view, believe, promote or discover something.

The work is a display of a reality. A reality that is staged, performed, but truthful.

It is an oxymoron; A bitter sweet exploration of the home environment, of life, of nothing, of me.

Garth Gratrix

I am a gay norhtern artist in a world full of london. Help, me support me and show me the money heehee!

Hello everybody my name is Garth and i work as an artist and a curator in the North West of England.

I am slowly realising the difficulties i face as an artist who will to show in the Turner Prize one day.

I want to critique work from others so please feel free to send me imagery and I will certainly give my views about your work and perhaps you all could do the same for me.

Thanx for now
Take Care everybody

G -x-