Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Garth Gratrix: 'A Bloody Good Artist'.... IS BACK!!!

Hello everybody...

I am really sorry I have not updated the site in a while.

I am currently creating a new website for my work which will include all the latest work that I have been creating and involved within.

Here is an update..............

The Chrysalis Project: Target Well Being and Big Lottery funded, devised by Bluestreak Arts, check out www.bluestreakarts.net for more information. I am lead artist for both Culture & Diversity and Identity & History strands to this project.

Creative Links 3: Again have a look at www.bluesteakarts.net ,this is a long term project working with mental health service users in Preston (NW England) to deliver a creative delivery programme to engage and enthuse. I will be running a new series of workshops within 3D disciplines for 3 months from June.

The Space: A new facilty in Preston (NW England) acting as a community space, gallery and studio space for emerging artists to develop and deliver a comprehensive catalogue of exhibitions. I provide artistic and curatorial services for The Space working cosely with other artists to develop their skills and understanding of multiple art disciplines to challenge both them and also the audience. Next exhibition event will be June 8th which will feature a vast range of Photographic material from artists and community groups A local youth group provide music for the preview events and create a warm and friendly, but contemporary space for all who love art and getting together.

Have Art Can Travel: A self instigated body of work which sees art works made to fit and travel within a vintage leather suitcase to new audiences. The touring body of work provided new venues and opportunities for both artist and audience to explore and engage with art in all its facets.

Once Upon A Street: This one day art workshop is part of Manchester Prides programme of events and will see a collaberation between myself and artist Liz Collier to work with the LGBT community of Manchester and generate a unique 'one word story' taking single words from each communiyt member to montage together.

Take Care for now