Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Contents May Vary presents....ANTIFREEZE
4th July 2009
CHIPS Building, New Islington, Manchester


I have exhibited within this Contents May Vary exhibition with my touring body of work
'Have Art Can Travel'.
It featured over 70 artists and showcased new settings for art and development for many talented and emerging individuals.

My work was designed as an installation of objects that would move and respond to the environment throughout the event. Placing objects of comfort and familiarity within changing spaces from kaotic to stranded to baron, in order to experiment with perceptions of reality dependant on context and circumstance.

The shabby chic facades of my reworked objects often have a Vogue quality with subtle tonal differences between the materials I place together. They almost become props for a new existence and an opportunity for previously discarded matter to be spotlighted with an artist as their new owner.