Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I have just assisted in the creation of a new 'zine' for Preston.
Artist Matthew Livesey (a member of New Arts North West in which I curate), has developed BRUCE! a new zine that will document and promote the artistic life of Preston.
Providing review based articles, personal opinions and doddles and sometimes the darn right wacky BRUCE will be a great addition to the art scene in Preston.
The name for this hand made zine came from a eulogy written by a man named Bruce, that was found on the streets of Preston back in 2004.
It is a prime example of art existing without us knowing its ever taken place, but with BRUCE's help and inspiration we can get closer to being aware of such delights.

Issue#1 has been released this week and will now be produced every month indefinately.
Bruce has inhabited many spaces already, from coffee shops, book stores and galleries...so keep your eyes pealed and perhaps grab hold of a limited edition Bruce in the near future!!