Sunday, 31 January 2010

BRUCE issue six at Lancashire zine fair

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know - in heindz site, that matthew livesey and myself took part in Lancashire zine fair taking place at the Atrium (SU Bar at UCLan) on Friday 29th - Saturday 30th January 2009.

It was good to see many other interesting zines and art books from all over the place. With recogniseable individuals such as Emily Speed (formerly Wolstenholme Projects), and the other local publication duo in Preston, 'Preston is my Paris'. We also discovered another group aiming to highlight activity and creative influence in Preston called 'PrestON', who are a group of illustration student coming into their own in their final year.

I couldnt help notice that BRUCE was to be the only FREE ZINE at the fair which was wonderful to see so many people walking around with our books....mission accomplished.

With a little extra push you can source small funds for such things as zines...which indeed is how BRUCE comes to be free. It was also interesting to see zines predominantly (and not in any negative reference) promote the creators own works as they seem personal extensions of an artists own creative preferences. Again BRUCE is aimed at promtoing and reviewing other art and platforming new artists and new events in and around Preston.

It was a great day with lots of interesting people. For anybody who draws doodles, writes, thinks or hates or likes anything by putting it forward creatively, then get it all in a book and get yourself to a zine fair near you. It is a good way to get out and about with artists and creative professionals.

BRUCE issue six has had high demand and will have another batch printed for this months to circulate to our usual venues in Preston.

Next months issue will include more writings from around the nation inclusive of text by artist David Mackintosh (currently at the Cornerhouse) and a front cover artist Jonny Lamin.
Next month will also see the production of new BRUCE posters, so keep you eyes looking in and about Preston because it's hotting up!

Bye x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A new discovery

Hi everybody,

This may be a little out of the Blu (no pun intended), but I have come across a fantastic artist creating wall murals and stop motion animation. He is a name for the future (if he isnt known by most cool people already), his name is 'Blu'.

Check out his work at

I really was blown away by the interchangeability of his illustration within an animation. Very clever, very witty and very gifted.

Many of my friends will appreciate my new found like for this type of work as I predominantly never give it air time, but im impressed.

I have emailed him regarding my own drawing styl so lets await his warned if the response is bad then you want see it on this blog, I only post good words about Garth Gratrix lol.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Online portfolio

Hello Everybody,

I have created a new online portfolio of my art work.
See where I have developed from, What I have achieved and where I am going since 2006 to the present day.

Follow the link below and have a browse.

Take Care


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

'Quiet Revolution' The winning image/s

Hello everyone, as you can see in the images im certainly not affraid to stand in the middle of a gallery with my 'hose' hanging out.

"Dont listen to your instincts its bad for my art" & "Blowing my own trumpet" were two semi permanent pieces of 'low tech sculpture' that I sent off for the Harris Museum & Art Gallery competition.

I was assured that it was not "Blowing my own trumpet" that won the competition but its predicessor, so that means at least art more on par with my actual practice was acknowledged so woohoo!

Enjoy the pictures....i certainly enjoyed the experience.

Monday, 18 January 2010

A Competition Winner

In 2009 I entered a competition at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, in which I had to create a 'low tech' sculpture out of objects supplied by the venue. This was all part of a touring exhibition titled 'Quiet Revolution' created by writer and curator Chris Fite-Wassilak, who with his efforts was winner of the curatorial open held at Hayward Gallery in London.

As I walked around the space I was forever intrigued by an element of balance within the artists work, which was well installed at the Harris, with exception of one piece created by Matt Calderwood and titled "Some things just work". Perhaps one of the strongest pieces however not framed by the space and surrounding work as well as I thought it could needed more air around it.

After marvelling at the exhibition as a whole I made my way into a neighbouring room in which public could attempt to create their very own pieces of art. I grabbed a water bottle, plant pot and kite string. I then thredded the kite string through the water bottle handle and further attached the string to firstly a basketball and then secondly to a lever and placed them on the ground. If anyone was to kick the ball or pull the lever (as they instinctively might) then the water botlle would have been dislodged from its balanced position.

This was an eventual winner of the 'Quiet Revolution' competition, providing me with a much needed B&Q voucher for those artists with storage issues and also the treat of visiting Mr Fite-Wassilak in London for the day.

'Chris' as I will now refer to him was an absolute pleasure to meet. Im not going to begin waffling about the gentleman's attire and what we ate for lunch (although that was shit!!).
We spent time in Lisson Gallery looking at their current offering titled "7", which is not really worth talking about and also the Showroom where emerging artist Ruth Buchanan displayed her first London exhibition, which I have to say I am very pleased new work is inspiring me more than a repeated repertoire of oldies but goodies. If it has too longer shelf life then arguably it was too safe to begin with.
Buchanan's video work was a little uninspiring as is most video work. I try to push and seek some level of appreciation as to why the camera has even begun recording such moments of staged pointlessness, but with the exception of certain Violla pieces and Fischli & Weiss, I am often dissapointed. This doesnt give Buchanan much credit, Be uplifted in the knowledge that this was one piece within a room of rather successful pieces, most notably for me "Curved Curtain", in which the simple involvement of a timed fan gave a piece of art with everychanging narrative, which to me acknowledged an artworks time limit to the public eye and therefore changes the way we look at the piece and subsequently forces us to look again at a piece we have just grown tired of.

Anyway after this and lunch we parted company, yet with an exchange of details and a promised article to be included within BRUCE zine...a joint venture between artist Matthew Livesey and myself (only exclusively available to people in Preston).

John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010

Hello everybody....
I have been working on a new painting inspired by the palette visible below.
The are becomming surrealist developments of a sub-conscious illustration, in which objects previously witnessed within my installation art pieces, become 2Dimensional shapes reworked compositionally on canvas and inhabited by my Keith Hartley inspired drawing style.

In my piece for John Moores the composition will hold no colour, with the exception of paynes grey outlines, as I am interested in the outlines themselves monouvering amongst each other as the eventual image. It is almost as if I am trying to integrate everything I encounter on a level playing field. Objects become playing grounds for the featurless characters. There is no preference of object, personna or environment; it is an amalgamation of all I see or recall.
The 'surreal' comes from how the everyday is remastered into a celebration where internal becomes external and visa versa, mixed with the white space between the monotony of line, the overall effect is one of optical impressiveness and in need of the creative imagination from audience, as a means to mentally generate an emotional environment for the work, as they will inevitably fill that which is recogniseable...say a chair...with their own personalised aesthetic relevant to their own encounters or tastes.
If I was to colour in between the lines then I would leave nothing for audiences to take ownership of and who am I to stifle the creativity of everyday people like me.
The canvas dimensions are H: 250cm W: 80cm D: 3cm