Friday, 26 February 2010


Full composition
'A surrealist development of a sub conscious illustration. These works are created in the aftermath of an installation or scultputural experiment using reclaimed objects and household memorabillia. Taking a single brush and paynes gray I apply directly onto a surface without preconceived compositional considerations. The empty space between objects is then filled with repeated flowing contours which manouver their way around the drawing, inhabiting and creating identifiable imagery out of negative space. A token colour is included as to suggest what is constant in our society and what is ever evolving. The constants are uncontrollable aspects of the world such as a rainbow. Designs and decoration of furnishings and objects are left as outlines, as shapes and forms-as there identity and place in the world is inherently decided by the individual. This emptiness of colour is an invitation to apply ones own creative imagination to the piece allowing it to become your world, your space, your dream or reality.'

Top right detail bottom right detail

mid section detail top left detail