Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An experiment with the previously seen

"Its all been layed out ready for you", red carpet, household paints, pins, 2010
Once again I have taken previously exhibited exhibition elements and tampered further with there identity and meaning.
This red carpet formed part of a plaster cast artwork displayed in Preston, 2009.
Using the carpet in its traditional sense and gloryification as a glamourous entrance to a exhibition opening.

This carpet has now been bastardised and stained for life- as indeed a red carpet would if left long enough. Deliberate marks referencial to a Rauschengerg were flicked, dripped and smeared into the carpets weave. Slicing the carpet and altering its state alongside hanging as apposed to laying were final display considerations for the work.
Twisting and almost torturing the carpet to test its boudaries and its function.

Dorothy Returns

"My My My De Liza (is she isnt she)", reclaimed shoes, red glitter, glass, 2010
This is imagery taken from my latest installation at The Space Gallery, Preston.
The piece is a reworking of previously existing artwork made for 'Antifreeze', 2009.

For 'The Space' I have placed the shoes precariously on a slither of glass bedded into the wall. With familiar narrative of the glass ceiling the shoes interact with the audience as they are forced to step underneath the work and either offer a safety net in which dorothy can jump or perhaps encouragement to help her step back from the edge.
How the world can effect our character is also apparent in this piece as discarded objects are tampered with to provide a new personna or identity. Character is also something expressed through costume and recognised in media, therefore we can associate with these shoes for what we have been previously presented.

Is she or isnt she is something invoked in this piece as we stare at the potential movement of a static object.

"rewiring the system"

"Rewiring the System"- teabags, cork and laundry basket wire, 2010

These wall hung installations take into account elements of time and
process within my work. Looking at the emalgamation and construction of material
in relation to both itself and also the environment in which it is presented.
The work adorns the adjacent wall to my studio in which countless 'teabreaks'
take place.

The used bags reference the consu
mption of a single product within a single

The fresh bags explore the relationship between old and new alongside
creating narratives concerned with inevitability of change.

The metal has been taken from laundry baskets to further make oblique
references to the home/work space and the notion of cleanliness and throw away
culture being on our doorstep.

The addition of matching saved corks suggest a cotinuation of a story as
perhaps day moves to night and aspirations change from one consumeable product
to another.