Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dorothy Returns

"My My My De Liza (is she isnt she)", reclaimed shoes, red glitter, glass, 2010
This is imagery taken from my latest installation at The Space Gallery, Preston.
The piece is a reworking of previously existing artwork made for 'Antifreeze', 2009.

For 'The Space' I have placed the shoes precariously on a slither of glass bedded into the wall. With familiar narrative of the glass ceiling the shoes interact with the audience as they are forced to step underneath the work and either offer a safety net in which dorothy can jump or perhaps encouragement to help her step back from the edge.
How the world can effect our character is also apparent in this piece as discarded objects are tampered with to provide a new personna or identity. Character is also something expressed through costume and recognised in media, therefore we can associate with these shoes for what we have been previously presented.

Is she or isnt she is something invoked in this piece as we stare at the potential movement of a static object.

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