Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An experiment with the previously seen

"Its all been layed out ready for you", red carpet, household paints, pins, 2010
Once again I have taken previously exhibited exhibition elements and tampered further with there identity and meaning.
This red carpet formed part of a plaster cast artwork displayed in Preston, 2009.
Using the carpet in its traditional sense and gloryification as a glamourous entrance to a exhibition opening.

This carpet has now been bastardised and stained for life- as indeed a red carpet would if left long enough. Deliberate marks referencial to a Rauschengerg were flicked, dripped and smeared into the carpets weave. Slicing the carpet and altering its state alongside hanging as apposed to laying were final display considerations for the work.
Twisting and almost torturing the carpet to test its boudaries and its function.


Rachel Riggs said...

Looking good Garth! Hi from Rachel in Perth. How did the Open go at the Space? Did you keep my pictures? Love Rx

GARTH said...

Hi Rachel god i am so sorry I have not been in touch. Yes thanks the show went really well, had a full house at the opening and a festival since that show.
The venue is technically closed now at its current premises so we shall see what the future holds.

You work was put into storage byt Bluestreak, so I am sure it is safe and together.

Hows perth treating you then?