Tuesday, 2 March 2010

"rewiring the system"

"Rewiring the System"- teabags, cork and laundry basket wire, 2010

These wall hung installations take into account elements of time and
process within my work. Looking at the emalgamation and construction of material
in relation to both itself and also the environment in which it is presented.
The work adorns the adjacent wall to my studio in which countless 'teabreaks'
take place.

The used bags reference the consu
mption of a single product within a single

The fresh bags explore the relationship between old and new alongside
creating narratives concerned with inevitability of change.

The metal has been taken from laundry baskets to further make oblique
references to the home/work space and the notion of cleanliness and throw away
culture being on our doorstep.

The addition of matching saved corks suggest a cotinuation of a story as
perhaps day moves to night and aspirations change from one consumeable product
to another.

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