Tuesday, 13 July 2010

MELA Festival

Here are some images taken from my commissioned art project "Collapsing the Boundaries" as part of the arts strategy for MELA Festival 2010. With half my family being Australian and the project requiring interaction and engagement with South Asian communities I combined Native Australian compositions and art with traditional Rangoli and Mandala design.
The result was a collection of 5 large scale collapsible colour boards. Each board had designs created by each community group which I worked with. The designs were then 'filled' in and decorated with adhesive coloured dots which coat the surface of the boards.

The boards then housed a silhouette of Preston based landmarks and were folded into reclaimed vintage leather suitcases (Have Art Can Travel) in order to travel to the main festival event and unveil the communities art work.
The dots themselves were acting as geographical pin points as a celebration and enquiry as to where people originate from and travel to. Each person inevitably was pin pointing themselves in the artwork and marking their part in a bigger picture. This was complimented by the travelling nature of my 'Have Art Can Travel' project.

I was really pleased with the overall sculpture/structure as it was unique for the Festival and reached a huge and diverse culturally different groups and individuals. My oldest participant was named Fred who was 99 and an amazing sport.

Thank you to all who took part and the opportunity to create an outdoor public art piece in my place of residence.